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MonsterMove: a HTML5 Multiplayer Mobile game

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Appoint Solutions has decided to break the conventional thoughts that HTML5 is not yet ready for fast moving realtime online multiplayer games by doing exactly that. The resulting game that was built for 2Gears is called MonsterMove. It was created completely with javascript and HTML5 and running on Ludei’s brand new CocoonJS platform.


MonsterMove is an online multiplayer game, that you can play against your friends, right from your iOS or Android mobile phone or on Facebook. The game objective is to avoid the invasion of earth by monsters coming from planet DooVoo. By sliding rows and columns of monsters, you have to make combinations of 3 or more monsters, which will transport the monsters back to their own world. And of course score points!

Easy? Think again! You have to outsmart and outplay your opponent. When you move your own rows and columns, you also move those of your opponent. The trick is to score points on your side, but avoid making combinations on the side of your opponent.

If you make big combo’s you get VooDoo powers from the monsters. You can use VooDoo to either help yourself or sabotage your opponent.


CocoonJS is a JavaScript wrapper executed inside the Cocoon platform. It aims to turn JavaScript applications into performance-enhanced native applications by providing a huge performance boost by using OpenGL native binding and other features. The completely transparent functionality and extreme rendering speed increase with CocoonJS are simply amazing.

CocoonJS is currently under private beta. CocoonJS creators Ludei have allowed Appoint:solutions to be their technology testers, and as a result we are proud to present one of the first games in the world that offers this level of speed and online interaction. For more news about CocoonJS, look for Ludei at GDC-12.


The game has been discontinued to focus on other activities.


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