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Ext JS Excel Import Export made easy

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Today, we are proud to release the first Gearbox Gear: the Import Export Gear. Importing and exporting Excel documents from your ExtJS apps has never been easier. TL;DR So you’re in a hurry right? Then cut the chase and see for yourself how easy it is. Gears Gears are hyper productivity tools  aimed at dramatically speeding up [...]

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Model Associations in Sencha Touch (and ExtJS) made easy

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Using Model associations in Sencha Touch and ExtJS components can be tricky. Especially when loading store data from a REST backend the associations that are defined on the model are not instantiated and usable in components. This article demonstrates the use of our BaseModel class which fixes this problem and makes using model associations a [...]

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Sprintf formatter for Sencha Touch and ExtJS

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After programming in multiple languages I have come to depend on sprintf quite a lot. Almost every language I know of provides a fairly decent version of the sprintf formatter. Unfortunately JavaScript is not one of them. For a lot of projects we use ExtJS and Sencha Touch. While both frameworks offer quite some string [...]

Model associations feature 150

Using Model Associations in Sencha Touch 2 and Ext JS 4

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The data package in Sencha Touch and ExtJS is awesome. Models let you easily and robustly configure your data structures and easily use them in all sorts of components. One of the model features that have a lot of potential but are used and understood relatively poorly are model associations. One of the most interesting [...]


Sencha Touch TimePicker form field and Picker sheet

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Currently we are using Sencha Touch as the basis for our new app.The Sencha Touch 1.1 framework includes a very large number of readily available form fields including the DatePicker form field and DatePicker popup sheet itself. Strangely enough, a TimePicker is missing so we decided to build one ourselves. The TimePicker below is [...]