Import Wizard

Introducing the Gearbox Import Wizard //

With the Gearbox Import/Export tool you can import data directly into grids. For many end-user applications, this powerful functionality needs to be restrained or controlled.

The Import Wizard is your plug-and-play solution. Just drop the Gearbox Import Wizard Gear into your app and let your customers start dragging files onto their grids. The user can manage the import proces through a simple step-by-step wizard!

Why you need this Gear //

With any complex data-driven application your clients will want an easy to use method for importing large amounts of data. The Gearbox Import-Export Gear takes care of this. Problems can occur however when the imported file does not contain the proper columns or other information is missing. An Import wizard is the solution that helps users to deal with this, while guaranteeing data consistency.

Developing an import wizard is a complex proces. Besides the actual import (LINK), implementing an Excel import wizard requires:

  • Reading Excel data
  • Analysing all available models and their associations
  • Automatic Grid generation based on Model structure
  • Automatic Form creation based on Model fields, allowing the client to automatic map Excel columns or manually set record fields
  • Saving imported records to server or storage

This means that the wizard will need to obtain a lot of knowledge about your Application's data structure in order to automatically generate the wizard interface. Programming this into your application manually requires a big effort.

With the Gearbox Import Wizard Gear none of this is necessary.

How Gearbox Import-Export solves your problem //

The Gearbox Import Wizard Gear uses two other Gearbox Gears to solve the equation. The Model Association Gear injects data layer analysis utilities into the application that allows the wizard to find out everything about your application's models and associations. The Import/Export Gear handles the nuts and bolts of actually importing the Excel data into the application without needing a server component.

The wizard then takes the user through a step-by-step proces to map the Excel data to the proper fields, and to deal with any missing information. At the end of this simple proces, the user is shown the data that will be imported into the application.

Simple but powerful!

Convinced? //