Model Info

Introducing Gearbox Model Info //

No need to waste your time trying to solve the complexity of Models and their Associations in Sencha. With the Gearbox Model Info Gear this becomes a walk in the park.

Why you need this Gear //

In any complex application, the data layer is the foundation on which everything else is built. The ExtJS data package allows a developer to robustly structure the entire data structure in an ExtJS app. Nevertheless, working with models and associations in an ExtJS app is difficult and error-prone.

Examples of recurring problems are:

  • Model associations can only be used when the associated records are nested inside a record (already loaded)
  • Using associated records in a component like a form or grid is hard to impossible to do
  • Finding out the association path between any two models needs lot of knowledge about how models and associations are built internally
  • Fetching an associated record (child, parent or grandparent) asynchronously from a record is manual work
  • Creating a form or grid that is based on a model takes lots of repeating work
  • etc

We feel that any information a component needs about the model it is working on should be available on the component itself. All this information is already defined in the data layer, just not available in components working on it.

How this Gear solves your problem //

The information components need from a model can be inferred from the data layer itself. This is exactly what the Model Info gear does. It consists of a number of extensions and mixins that inject model information functionality into your app, making all components more intelligent about the models they are working on.

Convinced? //