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Introducing the Gearbox Sublime Gear //

Wouldn't it be cool if your Favourite editor knew a bit more about your favourite JavaScript framework? The Gearbox Sublime Gear makes Sublime Text even more awesome for editing ExtJS based projects!

And we give it to you totally for free!

Why you need this Gear //

You know the little annoyance while coding ExtJS based applications right?

  • Where does 'getSubmitData()' on my NumberField actually get defined in the ExtJS inheritance structure?
  • What does callParent() actually refer to? Navigate to the definition of that function
  • Finding and opening a related class of the current Class (parent, plugin, mixin, related test, etc)
  • Manually typing this.doComponentLayout() instead of autocompleting parent class attributes
  • Manually typing blocks like initComponent: function() { this.callParent(........

Have you ever imagined how much more productive you would be without these annoyances? Well, here's your answer!

How this Gear solves your problem //

The Gearbox Sublime Gear is a Sublime Text plugin that is a bit more intelligent about your application, the framework and the way developers work with those. It analyses the structure of your application and ExtJS to be able to help you become even more productive. The Sublime Gear includes:

  • Smart code assist, autosuggesting functions and attributes for your class itself and any of it's parents or mixins
  • Interactive snippets for lots of repeating code constructs
  • Navigate to definition of parent function

....and a whole lot more.

Convinced? //