We are growing our business and expanding the team. This opens up several unique positions in Luxembourg and The Netherlands.

Join our team, and become part of a fast growing business. We promise you it will be a fantastic ride!

Development jobs at 2Gears:

Javascript Developer

var you = Ext.create('2Gears.JavaScript.Developer',{ name: 'YOUR NAME HERE?' }); // Check Class definition

 * @class 2Gears.JavaScript.Developer
 * @extends {2Gears.TeamMember}
 * You started developing because nothing beats solving real world
 * problems using your technical skills. Every time you see a
 * a challenge you already have a dozen ideas on how to solve
 * it using a clever technical solution. HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3
 * hold no secrets from you.
 * That's exactly how we are and why we started 2Gears 4 years ago.
 * Does your heart beat faster when you see cool new applications
 * of web technology that you can't wait to start using yourself?
 * Then we have great news; at 2Gears you can do this every day,
 * extending your already substantial skill-set, working in a young
 * and ambitious team.

Ext.define('2Gears.JavaScript.Developer', {
	extend: '2Gears.TeamMember',

	/* Requirements for any 2Gears.JavaScript.Developer */
	requires: [
		'Passion.Development',		// Development passion should be in your DNA!
		'Knowledge.JavaScript',		// Powering everything we create
		'Knowledge.HTML5',		// We literally use everything!
		'Knowledge.CSS',		// Ugly applications belong in 1999
		'Knowledge.ExtJS',		// ExtJS 4 and/or 5 knowledge is critical
		'OS.OSX',			// Our developers work on Macs
		'Communication.*'		// Communication skills are key to solving problems

	/* Optional requirements, helps setting yourself apart! */
	uses: [
		'Knowledge.SystemArchitectures',	// Algorithms, performance tradeoffs, etc

	config: {
		'2Gears': [
			'2Gears is a young company that specializes in creating mobile and desktop',
			'applications using cutting edge web technology. We develop custom solutions',
			'for our international customer base. In 2015 we kick off a large project,',
			'implementing a new product for the financial sector. Next to this we',
			'continuously work on extending GearboxJS, our developer toolbox that makes',
			'development of complex applications fast and robust. Gearbox is our secret',
			'sauce that allows us to create complex mobile and desktop applications in',
			'record time. For the rest we use practically every HTML5 and JavaScript trick',
			'out there from Canvas to WebGL.'
		].join(' ')

	/* extends functionality of TeamMember */
	mixins: [
		'ExtJS.training', 		// Become an expert in ExtJS fast
		'Contract.12month', 		// Permanent contract with good functioning
		'2Gears.shares.Options',	// Company share options for employees
		'TravelExpenses.work',		// Paid travel expenses to our offices in Delft or in Luxembourg
		'WorkingHours.Flexible' 	// Possibilities for partially working from home


Stay tuned, More jobs will be announced soon.