Farm Partytime is a collection of 9 fun and educational games for children from the ages 1 until 3. While learning about farm animals they are rewarded with animals for their own farm. Because of the simplicity of the interface even the smallest of children learn to use it intuitively without being frustrated by touching the wrong buttons. Every game has a number of different setups preventing the game from feeling repeating.

Children can play completely independently and learn to recognize animals by:

  • Sound
  • Shape
  • Small parts of the animal
  • and more


Farm Partytime will also allow children to learn to count animals in a very simple manner and train their memory. The reward system will keep children interested, creating a cozy farm full of jumping animals.


Let us know if you find anything too difficult for the children or if you have ideas about additional games and we will be happy to provide them in an update.



Leave your comments in the form below, or send us an email at, if you have any suggestions or problems and we will respons as soon as possible.

Although the game runs on the IPhone 3G, it is best suited for IPhone 3GS and IPhone 4 because of their higher speed.