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GRC for Investment Fund Professionals is a powerful Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution dedicated to Investment Fund professionals. It helps Fund Management Companies, Depositaries and Directors to perform their oversight tasks. The integrated workflow management, document management and task management tools ensure that you have a complete view of your structure, and that you don’t miss any controls. And because it is important to evidence your controls, all supporting documents are securely stored.

Your time is important, so we have designed to be deployable in your organisation with little to no dependency on big data or legacy systems. This means that you are up and running fast, and can start mitigating your risks.

Dealing with with complex investment fund structures becomes simple with Your customers and regulator will be happier, and your reputation will be protected.

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Your clients and employees are now fully mobile. They expect the same from you.

Using state-of-the art HTML5 and Javascript, we can build robust applications for your business that can live up to the high expectations. Your solution will run on desktop computers and on any mobile devices. And with only one code-base, maintenance is made easy!

The time to choose which platform your application should run on is over. We build Multi Platform applications that run on all platforms.

Mobile applications:

Mobile devices outselling desktop computers 3 to 1. This means that mobile is here to stay. Companies that do not follow their stakeholders’ behaviours will lose out on business, talent or both. Large enterprises such as financial institutions are however weary of innovation, because of the implied complexity and security issues.

We create custom mobile apps exclusively using state of the art web technology. This technology allows us to develop faster, and roll out your app on all major platforms. Your app will work on IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Tizen. And since it is built in HTML5, it works in browsers too.

When we speak about apps, we don’t just mean what happens in your mobile device, but also an entire server solution to store and synchronize data. Our revolutionary Gearbox platform allows all apps to deal with complex data structures, and to interface with any existing backend solution.

The technologies we are specialised in include:

  • ExtJS
  • Sencha Touch
  • Sencha Space
  • Phonegap
  • NodeJS


Internet Applications Development

Cross platform development typically relates to applications that can run on a variety of mobile devices. We believe that your application should also run on the desktop, since this is still the place where most data intensive work is done.

Internet Applications have almost all strengths of classical desktop applications but almost none of their weaknesses, by leveraging the latest possibilities in web technologies. Installation is optional as the application can be accessed through an internet browser or a dedicated desktop package. You can decide if your data is hosted on-site, or in a cloud solution.

Even very complex applications can be designed and implemented in a short time-frame. The resulting application does not require any browser plugins like Flash or Microsoft Silverlight.

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Enterprise applications in the financial sector put extremely high demands on security and reliability. At the same time, development cycles need to accelerate to keep up with regulatory change. How can IT providers build solutions at reasonable cost?!

With Gearbox, you get all of the security and flexibility, but none of the complexity.

Gearbox is a robust and flexible server-side framework that bridges the gap to the user interface. Developers can create extremely secure mobile and desktop applications by focusing on functionality that makes the application unique. Gearbox takes care of the rest, such as database setup, access right management, audit trail, data security and much more. Complex data-driven apps can now be developed in record time.

The platform is currently used exclusively for projects of 2Gears. In the near future Gearbox will be released to the development community to help other developers innovate faster. You can get the entire Gearbox suite, or you can choose from a selection of dedicated Gears that solve specific development challenges.

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